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Who am I?

Web CV

Umut Can Turhan

It’s Can. My major is physics from Istanbul. My research interests is Condens. Matter Phys.



I’m 25 and I love to learn and share scientific knowledge. My major is undergraduate physics now. I’m going to graduate this year from it. My research interest is condensed matter physics. As a part of my recent research activity, non-interaction and on-site interaction many-particle physics by exact diagonalization in QHE and FQHE.

> Education

Graduate -> Gaziantep University / Program of Mechatronics

Undergraduate -> Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University / Department of Physics

> Researches

2021 – 2247C Stajyer Araştırmacı Burs Programı (STAR)
Exact Diagonalization on IQHE Models

2021/2022 – FIZ-499 2021 Graduation Project
Topological Flat Band Models in Many-Body Systems

2022International Bilateral Cooperation Program 2504
Strongly-Correlated Topological States of Neutral Quantum Gases (Project No:119N192)

> Papers

2022 –Hamiltonian Formalis for NLS Equations
Ali Pazarci, Umut Can Turhan, Nader Ghazanfari, Ilmar Gahramanov
arXiv:2205.14721 [math-ph]

> Experience

2019 – Member of “MSGSU Local Organizing Committee of Theorical Physics Days”.

2019/2022 – Student Asistant of “Major of Physics at MSGSU.”

2020 – Graduate from “Introduction to Quantum Computing Bronze Workshop by QTurkey”.

2022 – Member of European Physics Society (EPS) Young Minds Istanbul Section”.

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